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Did you miss the opportunity to join Sherry’s “Big Ticket Procurement Secrets” program? Or are you here because you heard the raves from the program attendees?

Yes, the program is now over, but we are planning on coming up with a new version of Big Ticket Procurement Secrets sometime in the near future.

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About Sherry Truhlar

BAI-aboutprofileIn 2005, award-winning auctioneer Sherry Truhlar launched Red Apple Auctions. Today, you’ll catch her working at about 50 auction galas around the United States and consulting for dozens others. Nonprofits worldwide have used her products and classes to learn how to plan top-producing auctions.

A prolific writer, her how-to advice has been read in publications such as Town & Country, The Washington Post Magazine, and Missouri Meetings & Events, and she’s appeared on shows on E! Style and TLC channels. She’s often selected to speak to non-profit organizations about benefit auction tactics and even taught her own peers at industry-wide events.

Sherry has worked with dozens and dozens of schools and nonprofits, helping them create a positive, profitable fundraising auction. She eagerly awaits to hear from you.